We rescue, rehabilitate, and re home, abused and neglected dogs. We save dogs from kill shelters that have ran out of time. We provide medical care to dogs that are sick or need surgeries. We work with our dogs that have been rescued to overcome their traumas, fear, and anxiety. We are a voice to those who can't speak for themselves.

We train the dogs that fit the criteria to be either an emotional support service dog or a service dog. We go to hospitals and find owners that also have experienced trauma, neglect, anxiety, ptsd, etc. We place our emotional support dogs with war veterans, the elderly, special needs, people who suffer from illnesses or trauma. The people help the dogs heal while the dogs help the people heal.

Once we find land and build our recovery center and sanctuary we would like to provide services for the community as well. We will provide doggy day care, boarding, grooming, horse boarding and training. We have our foster and sponsor program as well as great volunteer and community service opportunities. Pretty soon you will be able to schedule an appointment to take a tour of our beautiful 20 acres of dog and horse paradise. Any donations, sponsorships and volunteer work helps more than you know. We and the dogs appreciate it.